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I would like to thank the good people of NeverMore Magazine for making this banner for me and also for posting some of my work. If you're thirsty for more fantasy/sci-fi/horror NeverMore is the place to find it.

There is no sex here, but there is gore and violence so be forwarned.

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Original Work

Re-Born Yesterday

(Sci-Fi) One man finds out that death isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Open Market

(Fiction)Two tourists in tropical paradise see more of island life than they wanted to.

Culture Clash

(Sci-Fi) Two unlikely roommates try to adjust to one another.

Mother Lake

(Fantasy) Take a first person point of view walk through the world of Dragons.

Dear Diary

(Sci-Fi) A young lady answers a BIG question.

Lost Souls

(Fantasy) Short story from the point of view of a house cat.

Fallen Crown

(Fiction) A mighty deer confronts his cowardly hunter.

The Creeping Terror

(Horror) A *very* short story that goes along with one of my Dark Ink drawings. Before the drawings on that page are called 'Dark' Ink for a *reason*, you have been warned.

The Master

(Fantasy) A classic story of hunter and hunted with a magical twist.

First Flight

(Sci-Fi) This one is about punctuated evolution in the world of dinosaurs.

Nuearth Series

This is a world that I have created with a kick in the butt from Nevermore and with the help of my editor/betta tester/muse/and ever present nag: Xan the Lavi. All of the stories in this section are set in this strange new world and they all stick together to form a larger story.

Well here it is at last. These seven stories combined form my first full lenght novel. (In other words I have no life).


Nu Beginnings

This is the story that starts it all.

Honor Among Thieves

This is the meeting of an unlikely pair, bound to get into more trouble together than they ever could on their own.

Eye of the Unicorn

The new partners plan to steal a legendary jewel. But someone else all ready has plans for the stone.

Midnight to Daybreak

Caught between two waring parties Sam and Ithican must choose the right side, but right and wrong are never black and white.


In a forest separated from the hate of the world a young animal teaches Ithican that looks can be deciving.

Vinegar and Honey

Sam and Ith are torn apart as the Human/Elven war draws closer.

Blood Brothers

An old enemy proves he's still dangerous.

These are the beginnings of the second Nuearth novel. Yeah, I have no life, thanks for asking. These are still a bit 'rough', I will get to editing them at some point in time. There are less stories in this one because each story endded up longer.


Sam and Ith get caught in the middle of someone else's crime.

Birds of a Feather

Far from having learned his lesson the first time, Sam agrees to help an old friend.

Pure Breed

When Ithican starts seeing things Sam seriously starts questioning the Elf's sanity.

So I says to me self: "Why not? Everyone else is into Trilogies these days. So here is the start of the third Nuearth novel. And no, I haven't edited the second yet...I'll get to it...I swear...

Broken Glass

Ithican is haunted by memories of his neparine addiction.

The next few section are variou Fan-Fiction works that I've pissed my life away on. I can't look down on the whole fan-fic thing too much though because it is what got me started. Kind of like swiming at the shallow end of the pool...


Beneath the Silver Moon

Xena and Gabrielle are caught between a God Killer and his foxy mate.

X-files Stories


Something is stalking the woods of Shanook Forest, leaving nothing behind but the bones.

Faith and Superstition

When Scully ends up missing Mulder finds something even he has a hard time believing. (Note to NoRomo, you could argue that this has a touch of romance in it).


This one is rated S for 'Silly'. Scully finds herself in a strange world that takes Mulder's name a bit too literally.


A string of bizzare murders leads Scully back to her old Medical School.

X-file Crossovers

Innsmouth Blood

(H.P. Lovecraft)

This is a cross between X-files and the H.P Lovecraft story "Return to Innsmouth". Don't worry if you haven't read the book.

When two Agents end up missing Mulder and Scully find themselves in a rundown coastal town with a fishy problem.



This is a cross between X-files and the moive "Re-Animator", which just happens to be based off short stories by the one and only H.P Lovecraft. Again I make it clear (to the best of my ablity) for those who do not know the story.

Mulder and Scully find themselves in Arkham, Mass. where they find out that death is only the beginning.



Two unexspecting Time Travelers find themselves in worlds they can't even begin to understand.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

(Quantum Leap)

When negotiations turn sour it is up to Sam, a time traveling do gooder, and his holographic guide, Al, to rewrite history. However, Sam soon finds himself between a rock and a hard case. WARNING: this is a violent story.

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