Tabetha and Chance

Hi! I'm Tabetha! My new Mum met me at her work down at the South Florida Wildlife Center. It was love at first sight for us both. I just happen to be a European Starling, but I'm still young so I don't have my spots yet (like the puppies in 101 Dalmatians), but I will and I'll be spectacular!

I was hand raised on a diet of pure hamburger before I was taken to the Wildlife Center. This was not the best, but I made it. Now I'm on a better diet. When the first humans who found me tried to release me into the wild I didn't want to go. Can you blame me? It is cold and scary out there and I'm so used to being loved and fed by a human Mommy. For some reason, one that is beyond me, they didn't want me. That's okay by me because my new Mum knows more about birds and loves me very much.

My left wing doesn't quite sit right. I'm not talking yet so they don't know quite why, my Mother thinks that it is an old injury to my Clavicle (collar bone) that was never set, probably the reason I ended up in human hands in the first place. I'm still a graceful flier, sort of, considering my wings were clipped by the vet.

Hi, I'm Chance! I came to my Mother's work just a few days out of the egg I had a bruised wing and no one thought I would live. They also thought that I was a Northern Cardinal! Fools, of course that saved my life. They can not raise and release none native birds. And considering I'm an English House Sparrow there is no place for me in America.

When my feathers came in and I showed my true nature my care taker was devastated because she knew they would have to put me to sleep. She couldn't bear that thought so she found the room in her life to take me home. I sing all day long to show her I care and that I'm thankful for the second 'Chance'.

We live in the same cage and are the best of friends. In the wild our kind are seen flocking together all the time. Although my friend Chance doesn't like it when I take a bath in HER water dish and she tends to make a lot of noise about it. I have my own dish but I really like annoying my roommate.

UPDATE: See? I told you I would get my spot soon! I'm beatiful! I look fat in this pic, but it is just because I fluff up my chest feathers whenever I see a camera flash!

Here is a cute pic of Tabby helping Mark do the dishes.

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