We are two Chimney Swifts. We are very hard to raise and require an all insect diet. We fly around at dawn and dusk catching bugs out of mid air. We are also *very* loud!

No one really knows what I am yet (other than hungry) because I'm so young. I came to the Care Center just a few days out of the egg. I was found alone in a flower pot at Home Depot, the humans can only imagine how I got there or how far I traveled before anyone found me.

UPDATE: I turned out (to everyone's surprize) to be a Red Winged Blackbird!

I am a Black Skimmer. See how the way my bottom beak is larger than the top, that is not a problem. I was born that way to help me catch fish. I 'skim' the surface with my lower beak in the water and when it hits a fish I snap it up.

Birds aren't the only thing around here! I'm a Pot Bellied Pig named Jellybean. I make a great pet if you know how to care for me. In fact I recently got a home out in Texas and I'm very happy.

This is me, Tigeress herself. The snake I'm holding is a 5 foot Columbian Redtail Boa (not the one that bit me). I'm called 'Tigeress' because of the large tattoo on my lower back. To take a look at it click this. If you look close at the Mother Tiger's tail you'll see "007", I'm a BIG James Bond fan, I like the books much better than the movies though.

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