Titan A.E Fan Art Work by Tigeress**

Hi there animation fans. These are just a few drawings that I've done with my ample spare time. For those of you out there that are Anastasia fans you've probably seen my work before, that's right I'm the same old Tigeress, up to new tricks. For those who don't know me (most of you) I am a 21 year old Pre-Vet student (Click here to see the Zoo living in my house). You would think that I had better things to do with my time than watch animation and draw, and I do, but we all have to unwind.

**NOTE: So far the only art I have up here is mine. However, I am *very* intrested in posting other peoples art here! If you have any Titan A.E Art let me know. If anyone contacts me I will change the form of this site to display more than one artist. If you have a page that you want to display my work on just e-mail me. So for all these reasons and more, please e-mail me:Tigeress88@hotmail.com!

Calm down, Cowboy

This one probably needs a word: this is an atempt (no matter how poor) to cross Titan with Anastasia (the other FOX animation). Hey, sue me. On second thought, scratch that, they probably will.

Dog Fight

Triple Cross

Attitude Adjustment




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