10 Day Old Squirrels

Due to the large number of mammals that were in the nursery where I work I decided to help out and bring a few of the munchkins home with me. What a good idea....

Well now I can't leave my house for more than an hour and a half because I have eight kids that need to eat every two hours. Don't get me wrong, I love every second of it. It also gives me something to focus on other than poor DeeDee. You can't let a death stop you from trying to help the living.

Hi! We are cases 071401 through -04. We are young Grey Squirrels that have lost our home and mother. But there is still hope for us. Right now we are spending the weekend with the Web Misstress and her Mother. Then we will be fostered out until we are old enough to be send back out into the wild. WE ARE NOT PETS!!!!!!

Not exsactly the nest, but I guess if rent is reasonable we'll stick around.

We were kept by someone for three days and fed nothing but Cow's Milk. This is VERY BAD for our little tummies. We need a very special Squrirrel Milk Replacer that can only be bought through a vet. So if you find some of our kind out there please take us right to the local Wildlife Center, they will know what to do from there. If you want to foster us tell them and they will tell you were to get the license and what to do.

We are soooo cute that I know you want to see another group photo. We are easily imprinted so our Mother does not to talk to us or hold us too long. But we can take a quick break for a Kodak moment.

After feeding I like to curl up in a pocket for a nap while someone else get some milk service.

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