Spotted Skunk

This is a Spotted Skunk. All speices of skunks live in the Americas (North, South, and Central). They are part of the weasel family and are best known for their developed anal scent glands. Skunks use their spray as a last resort and will do a display for up to half an hour before spraying. The spray is accurate to 7 feet or more. It is sulfur based and very sticky. However, the skunk its self and its den does not smell of the powerful spray. I suggest tomato sauce to get the stench out.

I'm a little boy Spotted Skunk that was found with my sister under a wood pile. Unfortuantly my sister was taken off to a pet store for some reason and I was brought to the Wildlife Center. The people here are working hard to reunite us.

Watch out! I may only be four weeks old but I can still spray! Luckily it takes more than a photo flash to make me stink bomb someone.

Yum! The milk replacer that they have me on is very high in solids (30%) and can not be replaced by cow's milk! I have very special diet needs and when I grow up I'll be a hunter eating everything from insects to rodents and small rabbits.

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