Baby Quaker Parrot

(a.k.a- Monk Parrot, Quakerkeet, Monk/Quaker Parakeet)

Quakers are not native to North America, but they certainly have made a strong hold here. Florida has more wild Quakers than all of the other states combined and they often fall from their nests. Just like the Starlings they need to be placed into good homes after we raise them. They make great pets and the males can learn to talk. They grow to be a mid-sized green and gray parrot. If you are thinking of becoming a Quaker parent make sure you have all the information (I'd be glad to chat with you) and that Quakers are legal in your state (I know that they are illegal in Georiga and California, check with your state Fish and Wildlife officer).

Hi! I'm Teddy the orphan Quaker Parrot! I fell out of my nest colony (us Quakers breed in huge numbers together) when I was only about a week old. No one thought I would live if I was kept at the Wildlife Center because I need so much attention and they have so much on their minds. So I became another on of the Foster Children.

I don't have very many of my feathers yet so I look a little frightening, but don't worry I'll get them. By the way this is only two weeks after that first picture. Look how much I've grown!! I'm twice my size and I've already got feathers.

Another week another busy time growing feathers. I haven't gained much weight this week because I'm putting all my energy into green feathers so I can look a little more like a bird and start to regulate my body temp a little better. Right now my 'nest' has to be kept on a heating pad all the time so I don't get cold.

Feed me!!! It has only been three more days, but all the little casings (a hard coating that keeps my growing feathers safe till they are ready) are starting to fall off my feathers and I'm really starting to look like a bird. Soon I'll be flying!

Just under a month ago when I came here I couldn't even hold my head up, now I can stand! It is amazing what a little food can do. (Take another look at the first picture and notic that I hardly take up any room in my Foster Mother's hand, now look how small the hand holding me looks!) I'll keep growing and I'll let you know when I'm a fully fleged bird. Wish me luck!!

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