The Creeping Ooze

Inside my mind dwells a horrid creature. It stays their curled up in the warm grey folds of my cerebrum during the day. It is desperatly hiding from the bright pure light of the wholesome sun. It sloshes and slips around in there bringing dark thoughts to the back of my mind during my waking hours. However at night it oozes out of my ear and slurps off into the velvety night to terrorize others. With glistening gelatinous skin and long gleaming teeth it writhes and snaps at all who wander into its slimy path. Hundreds of glassy multicoloured eyes hypnotize its prey with a serpentine stare. Then with delicate skill it invades the peaceful sleep of the innocents. Bubbling up thoughts that they would never dare think while they're awake with their soul on active duty. Absorbing the fears of man and beast alike it adds to its putrid mass. And when it has finished its macabre feed it returns to me and slithers back into my subconscious. It has found a safe home there, it is confidant that I can face the abominable images that make up its very existence. This because I am the one who brought Nightmare into your world.