These are the wise words of Jeffrey Combs as H.P. Lovecraft in Necronomicon. Anything not found in quotations is a voice over.

It was in the fall of 1932, when I discovered that a copy of the fabled Necronomicon was here in America, being guarded by a clandestine order of Omniadi monks. Obtaining this legendary tome was vital, not only to my writings, but to the fate of all mankind. "Wait for me." For within the pages of the Necronomicon lie the very secrets of the universe, both past and future.

"Yes, I have an appointment. Howard P. Lovecraft. Ha ha, actually I'm here because a new story of mine demands a bit of fact checking. My work is wrongly construed as fiction by the lesser minded. In fact, I take great pride in presenting fictional possibilities. Its my duty, after all, as a human being to enlighten the darkest depths of experience, to expose certain secrets unjustly hoarded by others. Oh, yes. Ah, no no. Its the ah alchemical encyclopedia. Oh, which volume? Its volume three, of course. Yes, yes, of course."

"Ahhh, the Necronomicon." Today. The last descendent of the De La Pore line returned from Sweden. Not only to claim title to the crumbling remains of the family estate. But also to escape his own haunted memories.

In the midst of this cruel heat wave, the inhabitants of Boston curse their unbearable lot. While one man alone remains cool. Cool but imprisoned by his own desperate devices.

The inner-city wasteland, once home to Philadelphia's finest and most god fearing, is now lorded over by a self-styled god. A miscreant known as the Butcher.

"Impossible. I dropped the keys down there. What?! Ah, ah, ahhhh!!

We can go now. You might say it found me."

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