Dark Ink


Almost Perfect*

The number in the background is indeed the mystical Pi. However, there is one number in one of the first five lines that is inncorrect, can you find it?


Castle Wall


I went on a deer research trip where we were collecting data and tissue on deer that hunters brought in. The blue dot was something that each hunter needed to show that they had seen the safty video. The drawing was done in deer blood that pooled around our station. I wish I had brought a paint brush, it would have turned out better, but I had to do this through finger painting. It is true that we only got about three hours sleep out of 48, but that is not the reason I did this. These deer die in order for us to learn how to take better care of the living, I felt that something to this effect was in order.

Fahrenheit 451*

* Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451' (the temperature at which books burn). One of the greatest books in print. It is all about the near future where books are out-lawed and firemen are there to set fire to them. Of course everyone is too busy watching tv to care, until one fireman meets a young girl who changes his life forever. It is amazing! This drawing was inspired by this magnificent book.

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