Mouse Coat Colour

Okay Jes, here is the whole shebang. Now when we think about it this is the result we should have exspected! When you not only cross breed, but inbreed as well you isolate all of the ressive genes. So now we have 7 F1 parental types and 9 ressive ones. Since you have 2 of each ressive (silver, yellow, black) this is suddenly makes sense. Now to tie these guys in you don't really have to talk about the diffrent mutations, just let it be known that there are several levels of dominace and that the brown mice are dominate to all of them.

Now in the test cross since we didn't interbreed we simply got albino and brown because the other ressive genes didn't get a chance to shine through (since albino is a double ressive while silver, black, and yellow are heterozygous).

I'm sorry that it worked out this way and that I jumped the gun a bit on telling you what colour they are. I can understand if you don't want to destroy all the work you've done. Although I must say this is all very interesting. Of course I can say that since I haven't done any work yet. If you want to stay a bit longer on Thursday I will rewrite the last few slides of yours because I'm going to study this simply because I'm intrested. You can still keep all that stuff about the M man because it's still true.

Here is the 5 diffrent kinds that we got....sorry.

These are the Parental types the black mouse is the father and the white one is the mother.

This is the F1 generation.

These are the two F1 that I crosses, the father of the Test cross (I don't have pics of the test cross yet they won't have their colour for another day or two, the test cross used the white female P1) looked just like one of these guys.

These are the results of the F1 cross, the F2 gen. Note the diffrent ages, don't worry about that. What is a bit strange is that we have a black mouse and some brown mice, you can either ignore that or we can get together and try and figure it out. There might be some penetrance at work here. The one white one that looks grey is not, that is just the photo. It is hard to see from the pic but there are 4 white and 9 black.

This was the fate of the P1father, heehee, I love this shot, but you might not want to use it in your presentation, although it might add some humour!

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