If this seems a little confusing it is because it is not a script. It is only the words that Jeffrey Combs as Special Agent Millton Dammers says.

"I came by train. I was going to take the flight, but I didnít feel good about the plane. At what time, precisely, did Bannister leave the bathroom? You. Did he use excessive amounts of table salt during his meal? Answer the question!"

"Sorry sheriff, I have a problem with women yelling. Sheriff Perry, you are violating my territorial bubble!"

"I object. I...I get all the f..fruity cases, M..Mrs. Lynskey. Iím more comfortable standing, thank you. Mrs. Lynskey, you know nothing about Frank Bannister! You claim heís a bonified psychic, yet all Iíve heard is a lot of ill-informed, meandering waffle!"

"On the third day of July, 1990, Frank Bannister, then a successful architect, was overseeing the construction of his new home. Now the building contractor, Jacob Platz, would later confirm that Bannister had been consuming alcohol that morning. 12:23 PM, Platz sees Bannister in a heated argument with his wife Deborah. It appears that Bannister had promised Deborah a garden in the new home, and then without consulting her proceeded to lay a four inch thick concrete slab, creating a basketball court for himself. 12:31 PM, Platz watches the couple drive away. Bannister kept a tool box in the back of his car. And in it was a utility knife, with a retractable blade. Bannister purchased seven new blades that morning at Chessenís Hardware Store and Building Supply, on the corner of Third and Garret. Third and Garret, third of July, seven plus threeÖ 12:33 PM, and their í83 Volvo heads into the hills. It is the last time anyone will see the couple together. Now by Bannisterís own admission, the argument continues to rage, reaching a climactic point when Deborah demands that Bannister stop, pull over, let her out. And at that moment, probably 12:36, 12:37 PM, the car leaves the road on a sharp curve, presumably because Bannister was driving too fast. The body was found some fifteen yards from the car. Now Bannister, he was picked up two hours later wandering in the woods. He claimed to have no recollection of the events that occurred after the accident. But hereís the odd thing, Mrs. Lynskey. The utility knife was missing and to this day it has not been found. But do you know what was really bizarre? Deborahís corpse had the number thirteen carved into its forehead. Unlucky for some."

"Sheriff Perry, I seriously doubt that we will see Mr. Bannister any time soon. The man is resourceful beyond anything you could comprehend. Please leave, Mrs. Lynskey."

"There has been a destructive force unleashed upon this town such as I have never seen. We have body count ofÖ 28. Youíre a very dangerous man, Mr. Bannister. Youíre way out of your depth here, Sheriff Perry. Please leave. By the power invested in me by the President of the United States, I am telling you to get the hell out of this room."

"Have you ever heard of Nina Colagina? March 10th, 1970, Nina Colagina, with the power of her mind, stopped the beat of a frogís heart. The record of this experiment is currently held in the files of Prof. Ginyati Serigaif, of St. Petersburg. As Serigaif interprets this cardiogram, it seemed to him that the heart had experienced a sudden flare-up of electrical activity. The heart imploded, arteries burst. And all because Nina Colagina wanted the animal dead. Thereís a part of you that believes that. Thereís another part of you, Frank, thatís out of control. Your destructive impulse. Who was it? Who was it! You think youíre quite unique, donít you Mr. Bannister? But in my business, I deal with your type every other week. This death is figure is nothing more than a homicidal, alter ego that satisfies your compulsion to kill. Every time you want to take somebody out, the death figure suddenly appears and does the job for you. Itís your rational minds way of absolving yourself of guilt. When did you first start seeing spirits, Frank, after Deborahís death? You killed your wife! I have studied the coronerís reports of every death in Fairwater since 1985. Twenty-eight cases involved crushed hearts, arteries choked till they burst. That started in 1990 with your beautiful wife Deborah. She was the first. Ray Lynskey, you have an argument with him, three hours later dead. Magda Reese-Jones, we know you didnít like her. But what about the guy in the toilet? Whatíd he do to you, Frank, piss on you hushpuppies? Why are you shaking? Oh myÖ my, my, my. Y..Youíre doing right now arenít you. Youíre trying to kill me. Right now. Can it, Bannister. Iím wearing a lead breastplate! We have 28 unexplained deaths here. You know what I think. I think you are involved in each and every one of them!"

"Yipe! Freeze Bannister! Alright. I, I, IÖ stay back! NowÖ (screams like a girl)."

"I didnít know you had an interest in cryogenics Dr. Lynskey. Why would we want to do that? There we go. Oooooh. Yipe, ah, no! I find cemeteries very restful places, donít you? I intend to, Mrs. Lynskey. I exactly eleven hours time. Ya, oh, ah! My body is a road map of pain. But pain has its reward. The power of the mind is absolute. (speaking in tongues) Iím doing this? Iím doing this. Iím making the car move with the power of my mind! Yes, no, wait! Ah, Ahh, Ow! Ya! God! Shit! Lucy! Lucy! No! Youíre all the same. Wait! No! Wait! Lucy! No! Wait!"

Let me guess, you have to get these ashes to consecrated ground in order to destroy the forces of evil. Under no circumstances must these ashes ever be released. Oops.

You just donít get it do you, Frank? This is all about your pathetic need for self-glorification. Yes I am. Iím an asshole, with a Uzi! Get up! You make me sick, get up! Now, I donít want to shoot you in the back, turn around! I said turn around! As an agent of the United States government, I am ordering you to turn around! Hmm?!"

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