Words to Live by

"What would a note say Dan? Cat Dead, details later." -Re-Animator

"I have this life on the surface world I should be getting back to." -Phantom Empire

"I'm wearing a lead breast plate!" -Frighteners

"I think I'm looking at someone who wouldn't know a hurricane if it blew up their ass." -I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

"Don't let the little head move the big head, Dan" -Bride of Re-Animator

"You have no idea how many people I'm going to kill." -Perversions of Science

"Pardon me if I don't share in your euphoria." -Deep Space Nine

"It's a chemical imbalance, I've had to live with this my entire life." -Phantom Empire

"A plauge on both your houses!" -Caught Up

"Think about it Dan, we'd be famous, and live lifetimes." -Re-Animator

"I love it when you f**k up Einstein." -Cyclone

"Parts. I've never done whoooooole . . . Parts." -Re-Animator

"Hey! That was the first time I thought it was on our side. hahahahaha!" -Lurking Fear

"That is *exactly* the observation I've come to expect from *you*, Dukat. Interesting. But somewhat . . . *Petty.*" -Deep Space Nine

"This stuff is like TNT with PMS." -Fortress

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