Fan Art

Fan art is one of the more difficult forms of exspression. Not only do you have to deal with the subject matter its self, but you also have to mimic what ever or who ever your drawing. But it is a very rewarding subject.

The first are two from Anastasia. The first is the bat Bartok in a fighting mood. The other is the dog, Pooka. I have a mass of Anastasia art on the web, some where. I even forget what sites it's posted on. But if you find some by "Tigeress", that's me.

Here is one of Scar from The Lion King, in the after life. For some more of my Scar work visit Strickly Scar.

This is an ink work for Halloween H20. I love the Halloween moives. Every year my friends and I get together and have a Halloween Marathon. I'm sure you can figure out when we do this.

This is just an inking of Spawn that I did when I had nothing better to do.