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In Memory of DeeDee

Meow there! I'm Deedee. I'm not a very healthy kitten. I was left in the overnight drop box of the Wildlife Care Center in a plastic bag with mange and an respiratory infection. I'm not here to stay and my Foster Mommy is going to get me a loving home just as soon as I am feeling better. She has stayed up many nights with me to make sure I keep breathing, so I humour her and keep on keeping on.


I got home last night (July 14) from a 13 hour shift down at the Wildlife Center/Animal Hospital (my other job) and DeeDee was wrapped up in a towel in my Mother's lap. She didn't look very good. Apparently she got worse while I was out and was now all dehydrated. I couldn't take care of her right then because one of the reasons that I worked so long was that we had just admitted 23 opossums and 4 squirrles that all needed hand feeding every two hours. Along with all the birds it made for a lot of work. I had brought home 4 of the youngest opossums and all of the squirrels and they needed feeding right then. I told my Mum what to do for the kitten and she tried to rehydrate her.

At 2:30 am she crashed and woke me up with a very pitiful yowl. She has been meowing all night for a month but something was different this time, something was wrong. She couldn't bend her legs or close her eyes. She was dying but her heat was strong so I knew this was going to take hours. So at 2:45 am I took her to an all night vet clinic and had her euthanised. I tired everything with her, but she was just not meant to be. At least she lived in a good home for a month and brought some joy in my life, even if some tears to my eyes.

DeeDee may your spirit find it's new path and try to make a softer landing this time.

Yawn! Oh, hi there. I'm Damion. I was rescued from the shelter where I was born. I was the only tabby in an all black litter from a black mother. My Mother was going to get a black kitty, but I lunged out of the cage and attached myself to her shoulder. She had no choice but to bring me home, where I promptly gave her ringworm (a fungal infection) and spread Cocidia (intestinal parasite) to every other animal in the house. Just a little house warming present.

Sssssssss!!!! I'm Aliwishes. My amazing white scales come from the fact that I am a leusistic corn snake. Leusistisum is a genetic mutation close to albinoisum only I have blue eyes and instead of lacking pigment I actually have white pigment. Being a reptile I will always be first in my Mother's heart no matter what all these other warm-blooded cretins may think!

Yo! My name is Fabio, despite the fact that I am female. I am another poor animal being nursed under my temporary Mother's wing. I was the victim of a poor diet and bad husbandry. I have calcium lumps under my skin and when my Foster Mother found me I was dehydrated, emaciated, and covered in dirt and rot. I also had a hole in my belly from a 3rd degree burn from a Hot Rock, and living in a cage only half again as big as I am. Being a 3 foot lizard I was not happy and half dead. But I'm feeling much better now and living in a big cage with daily baths in a weak Benadine solution to help my skin.

If you own a pet like me (or any other kind of lizard and/or snake) please DO NOT use a Hot Rock! Many of my friends have died because of them! They are not needed. I just need a heat lamp above my cage. I also need a diet low in animal products and NO iceberg lettuce. If you have ANY questions on my care please e-mail my Temp Mum at As you can see she loves to help and is an exotic animal specialist.

UPDATE ON Fabio: Well I got all better and was returned to my orginal owner, who ment well but just didn't have the 'know how'. A few months later I was feeling so good that I managed to break out of my cage and I'm currently living out in the wild. I will be fine there, but I don't belong in the wilds of South Florida! So Please, try and keep your exotic pet contained!


Hi! This is Rose and Moose speaking. We are Oscar fish. We live in this Zoo because our Mother has a very warm place in her heart for all Cold-blooded animals. We are an aggressive breed and will eat anything smaller than we are, including your finger!

I don't have a name yet because I don't belong to the same Mother as the others. I was adopted today at the Wildlife Care Center for someone else. However I'm going to be living in this Ark for a few months before I'm being transported to Indiana to meet my Mother, Jessica. Although my Foster Mother likes to call me 'Stud Muffin' for now.

UPDATE ON Stud Muffin: I am now living happily with my Foster Mum's roommate, Jessica. I have all the toys I could ever hope for and more food that I can stuff in my cheek pouches! My name stuck and they call me Stud for short.

Squawk! I'm Archamides, the Majestic Gryphon. I'm part Lion and part Eagle and all heart. Being a Mythical Beast you can imagine that my kind is very rare. I got a home with the rest of this zoo through adoption from Midsummer's Knight's Dream.

Any Questions concerning the care of exotic pets? Contact me, day or night!

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