Cheryl's Tattoo Makeover

After years of being a total wuss Cheryl finaly went to cover-up her old ankle tattoo. Here is a last look at the old work (for the records).

This is the old tattoo with the carbon copy of the new tattoo over it. Soon the pain shall begin!

Here is the tattoo artist at work.

Here is the new tattoo in the works, the black outline has now been applied and Cheryl has to get the courage to get back in the chair and get the colour done. It was a good thing that I was there...

Well here it is!! The new tattoo full of bright colour and new life. I love it and from what Cheryl says (other than 'that hurt!') I know she likes it too.

Here is the back of the tattoo. It wraps all the way around like an anklet.

Just so you all know that she did have a reason to say that it hurt here is a pic of blood oozing from the fresh wound. Pain is quickly forgotten and the art is forever.