Caught Up

Warning: this is rated R, some of the following is not for young children. So I'm sure that is who will read it first.

Oh, you're finally waking up. That's good. That's ok, take your time. I've waited seven years for this moment.

Oh, who the fuck am I?! The fuck am I! I am justice, fuckass! I'm the conscience you never had. I'm the revenger of blood sent to deliver retribution. I'm the Grim Reaper. I'm a cat playing with a mouse.

Wrong! I'm not a motherfucker or a womanfucker or a manfucker or any kind of a fucker, cause you see those titles they require certain tools that I no longer possess, thanks to you. I lost them a long time ago.

I want to show you something, Darrell. Darrell. Turn around. If you don't want to die right now, you'll look between my legs and tell me what you see. Fuck, turn around. What the fuck happened to me? Ha ha ha ha ha. You happened! You and your homeboy there the smoked-out motherfucker who blew my dick and balls off with a Magnum 44. That is what happened!

In another, better life I was the security guard in that bank you robbed. Oh yeah. I am a man who fortune hath cruelly scratched.

To be or not be, that is the question.

A plague on both your houses!

Ha ha ha, life is as tedious as a twice-told tale. Eyes see your last.

(Laugh maniacally then turn to tears) Oh, untimely death. Yipe!

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